Drew's 13th birthday celebration(s)!
Party number one!
Drew celebrated on her real birthday, Thursday, July 19, with Eric, Jane, Mike, and Sue, at Oaks Amusement Park beside the Willamette River, not far from her home.  This is possibly the longest operating amusement park in the United States, now...having been in continuous operation since 1905.  It was deeded by its owners to a nonprofit corporation, to operate the park in perpetuity, in the 1980's.  She had a birthday burger and two birthday (heart-healthy) cupcakes, decked with candles revealing her age -- "13".  Those candles reappeared the following week at her big official birthday celebration...
Party number two!
On Wednesday evening, July 25, 21 people and two other dogs spent a rather magical evening on the porch of the Berlin Inn -- yes, the ENTIRE porch! -- starting in daylight at 6 pm, and ending after dark at 10 pm.  Since the party was for Drew's 13th birthday, we will feature only the three dogs present (at right).  At the top, of course, is Ms. Drew herself.  Below that, her guest up from Corvallis, some 70 miles south of Portland, with her two owners, Gwendee, who is also a Long Haired German Shepherd.  We and Drew met Gwendee by chance when her family was dining on the porch at Portland's Berlin Inn at the same time we were there, and shortly afterward she was added to the Drew's Friends page of this website, so you might want to go there for more about Gwendee.  Hers is the second photo at right.  And the third dog, much smaller, was not a German Shepherd, but was still welcome.  His name is Bodie, and he came with his family, the Packards.  We provide this convenient identifier, since photos of all three dogs are included in the candids in the slide show below, and otherwise you might think all the German Shepherds are Drew.  Not so.  Look carefully and you can tell Drew and Gwendee apart!  Now, scroll down, allow time for the photos to load, and enjoy this 21-photo slide show of both of Drew's 13th-birthday parties!

Drew, long haired German Shepherd, Berlin Inn
Gwendee, long haired German Shepherd, Berlin Inn
Bodie, Berlin Inn
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